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Sound Advice is a group of people with expertise in many fields of electronics. We have banded together to provide to our clients professional design, contracting, and installation of audio, video, projection, and remote control applications. We have years of experience which translates into the most efficient, up-to-date designs available today. We pride ourselves in a job well done and believe the old adage, any job worth doing, is worth doing well.

We offer a full range of products and services designed to facilitate ease of operation for home audio, video, home theater projection systems, security monitoring systems and control systems. We can provide a single component system, or through the use of state of the art control applications, develop a comprehensive remote operated system designed to control any level of electronics that are becoming the standard of home systems today. So, if a system is required that can control your home security system, environmental system, audio, video, or projection systems, we can custom design, install and service the system to your specifications with full warranties, ensuring your peace of mind.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction.