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As technology moves forward at an ever increasing pace, it is often hard to differentiate trend from standard. We have proven that our approach to A/V planning and design can greatly enhance not only equipment longevity through greater return on investment, but also reduce cost of ownership in the long term. Whether you are a Church, Commercial, or Government entity. We can provide you with the right means to get your message across.


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Sound Advice is a small company - by design. We intend to stay that way. Since 1992 our size and philosophy allows us to maneuver quickly, and offer extreme flexibility when it comes to the ability to “change lanes” or “adjust operations” to accommodate the latest technology or customer schedules. 


We care about our reputation, and offer a long list of clients who have been with us for years, and regularly recommend our services to others.

We employ a team of individuals who can provide our clients a professional design, a turnkey installation, or simply advise unique ways to approach a system concept. 


We employ installers you can trust, and who appreciate the confidence you demonstrate by associating with us. They view your system completion as an important task to prove our dedication to your mission. 




Our years of experience translates into some of the most efficient and progressive systems available today. “Translating Technology” is our business…simplifying the user experience so that consumers that do not speak the technology language - can successfully operate a complex system with confidence. Our well-respected training leaves our users assured they can competently operate our AV systems. Moreover, we stand behind our installations and take our reputation for great systems seriously.



Sound Advice

6410 Rogers Road

Rolesville, NC 27571

Raleigh & Surrounding:

(919) 439-6296

Greenville & Surrounding: 

(252) 355-1111

Raleigh Office Hours:


Mon - Thu: 10am - 2pm

Thank you for contacting Sound Advice!

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